Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

Exotic, Ripe and Ready to Eat

Robert Moehling began his fruit empire when he was just six years old. His father had some cucumbers he wanted to sell, so he sent Robert out to sit on the corner in front of a coffee table loaded with cucumbers and sell them to passers-by. On that first day, he didn’t sell a single one. The next day his father sent him back to try again, but this time he placed a big sign on either side of the table proclaiming in big red letters that “Robert Is Here”. He sold out by noon. A neighboring farmer had seen Robert selling cucumbers and wondered if he would sell some of his tomatoes as well. The business took off and hasn’t slowed down since. Robert’s mother arranged for the school bus to pick him up and drop him off at his fruit stand, and soon he had someone else working for him while he was at school. When Robert was 14, he used his earnings to buy a ten-acre property and planted an avocado grove on it. Robert is Here Fruit Stand has continued to grow ever since and is has become an iconic road-side Florida stop.

Be Sure to Visit the Goats and Tortoises

This isn’t any old fruit stand though. Robert Is Here specializes in local and exotic fruit, so while you can buy apples and oranges, you can also buy Guanabana and Passion Fruit. Not only that, but Robert and his crew will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the fruit they sell, and they’ll even wash it and cut it up for you so that it’s ready to eat. The true highlight of a visit to Robert Is Here, though, is a fresh fruit milkshake prepared with your favorite exotic fruit while you shop. You can even take it out back and enjoy it while you look at the goats, chickens and tortoises wandering around back there.

I am always an adventurous eater, happy to try new things and experience new flavors. To be able to sample several different kinds of fruit I’ve never even heard of before is truly special though. To do so in a fun and welcoming atmosphere is even better. This is a must-stop place for anyone on their way into or out of the eastern unit of Everglades National Park or on their way to the Florida Keys. When you stop, keep your eye out for Robert. He most likely is there somewhere. He has been for almost 60 years now.

Robert is Here Fruit Stand can be found at 19200 SW 344 St. Homestead, FL 33034. They are open every day from 8AM to 7PM. They also ship. Check out their website HERE.

Robert Hard at Work in the Same Place for 60 Years