Music is at the heart and soul of America, and is one of the things I enjoy most. The idea of a road trip without a good playlist makes me very unhappy, so on this page I want to share some of my favorite songs from or about each state. I hope to arrange them in three categories: The Playlist, Native Sons and Daughters and From The Road. The Playlist will be those songs about each state or region which make me excited to be there, the songs which make me miss a place when I'm gone and the songs which I can sit back in my chair and turn on and instantly return in my head. Native Sons and Daughters will highlight some of my favorite songs by those artists born and raised in that place, and maybe provide, through their songs, a different look at each place. From The Road will highlight those artists I meet  or hear on my travels and suggestions from my readers. There will obviously be a lot of crossover between the categories. Here more than anywhere, please chime in with your favorites and your suggestions for me to add to my list, and my collection. Happy listening!