The Doll’s Head Trail in Atlanta is definitely different. While this post would probably have been better around Halloween, I visited the day after Thanksgiving when many things around the city were closed. The trail got its start when a local resident was out picking up trash in Constitution Lakes Park, where the trail is located, and ended up finding a lot of broken toys. He started creating this macabre outdoor art exhibit some time later, and its popularity has grown since then. It was definitely something different to see in Atlanta, and worth a look if you are looking for something free, close and outdoors. I wouldn’t visit on a full moon if I were you though.

Constitution Lakes Park is located at 1305 S River Industrial Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315. Once you have parked, take the paved trail on the left. When the trail reaches the boardwalk, take the left fork and you will know when you find the Doll’s Head Trail.