Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is a wonderful park full of contrasts on the Big Island of Hawaii. The volcanic landscape seems so harsh and inhospitable and yet beautiful plants and delicate flowers are everywhere within the park. I was very happy to make four visits to this wonderful park during my month in Hawaii and each brought new insights into this amazing park. The Kilauea Iki hike brought us all the way down into this crater to explore the area where just last year a lake of lava could be seen. The Chain of Craters Road took us through incredible volcanic landscapes full of Ohia Lehua trees and lava formations. The Holei Sea Arch at the end of the road was incredible to sit and watch as powerful waves crashed into it and sprayed us on the rocks above. Ancient petroglyphs at Pu’u Loa provided some small insight into what life was like for Native Hawaiians who lived in the area. They buried their children’s umbilical cords here to connect them to the land. While there is currently no flowing lava to see in the park (a huge disappointment for this photographer), it is still a magnificent park with a lot to offer. While I enjoyed many things about Hawaii, this amazing National Park was definitely a highlight. I hope you enjoy these photos from Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

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Kilauea Crater From Above

Magnificent Ohia Lehua Flowers

Hawaii’s Endangered State Bird - The Nene

Waves Crashing at Holei Sea Arch

More Ohia Lehua Flowers! I Really Love These Flowers

Holei Sea Arch

On the Kilauea Iki Trail - Inside the Crater

Petroglyphs at Pu’u Loa

Petroglyphs at Pu’u Loa

Amazing Volcanic Landscape

Ohia Lehua Rising Like a Phoenix

More Beautiful Flowers

Everyone Visits For Their Own Reasons - I Love This Contrast

Life Finds a Way

More Incredible Petroglyphs

Pit Crater