Why work with me?

I’ve Been There and Back Again

I’m glad you asked. No, I’m not a big “influencer” with millions of fans who will blindly follow me to the Fyre Festival. Instead I have a small but loyal following of people who love the little places - the small towns and state parks. I have spent almost 20 years driving the highways and byways of North America, seeking out these out-of-the-way spots and sharing them with like-minded people. My followers don’t want to know about the hottest DJ in Miami, they want to know about the best seafood shack on the Carolina coast. And I help them find that and more as I go.

I spent 15 years guiding small group tours to every corner of the Unites States and Canada, from Key West to Fairbanks and San Diego to Nova Scotia. During that time I guided over a thousand people around the continent and now count many of those as my personal friends on Facebook and Instagram. These are people who went out of their way to sign up with a company that got them off the beaten path and gave them a personal experience, instead of hopping on a giant bus and waiting in line at the Golden Corral. Many of these travelers love returning to the U.S. and Canada year after year and seek out my personal advice on where they should go to hike alone in the desert or catch a real blues show in the Mississippi Delta. I’ve made it my mission to have the answer to these questions and share them generously. Also included in my personal friends list are hundreds of guides I’ve worked with over the years, many of whom have gone on to run some of the biggest small-group tour companies in the world. Like me, they’re always on the lookout for the next small thing!

During my time as a guide, I have blogged for several different tour companies and have had hundreds of photos published in print and online to promote them. I have helped design and organize tours to give these companies’ passengers more bang for their buck and be sure they leave getting everything they came for and more. I also began my own photo blog which gets thousands of views a year (check it out HERE).

For the last year, I’ve taken my show on the road in the form of this blog, trying to help local tour companies and travel bureaus improve their game. Sure, I could go and bring my skills to the big cities and tourism markets, but why would I? I’ve made a life of working with the little guys, the hidden gems, the diamonds in the rough. That is where my passion is, and that is why you should work with me. My photographs from this journey have been published in books, magazines and online for a variety of publications around the world.

What i’m offering

Having a Great Time, Wish You Were Here

I’m offering you the opportunity to show me what you’re made of and let me present it to the wider world. I’m offering you beautiful, professionally edited photos to help make the case. I’m offering you a seat at the table. I want to take your local knowledge and combine it with my 20 years of experience in the field and create the best tourism experience we can together. I want to showcase what makes your town or county or tour operation special and unique. Why should people come to see you? Surely there’s an excellent reason, you’re there yourself, aren’t you?

In 20 years of crisscrossing the country, I’ve seen it all, from excellent initiatives to some real head-scratchers. The best tourism initiatives are those that provide a truly local experience that is unique and memorable. Sometimes people have identified these experiences but are failing to promote them properly, and sometimes people can’t seem to see what is right in front of them because they’ve lived there their whole lives. That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you show off the best your area or company has to offer and to help you share what makes your area or operation great. In addition to the content creation services I offer below, I am happy to come and consult with you on your local tourism bureau or activity as well. Please contact me below to come up with a plan. In addition, if you are simply looking for excellent, high resolution photos for online or print marketing, I can offer you competitive prices for those as well. Nothing saddens me more than any tourism entity using blurry, unedited photos which were probably taken on a phone camera. Together we can do better.

How it works

Travel Bureaus

There are several ways I can work with your travel bureau to create content we can both use to promote your area. Here is a list of some of my regular features and what I charge for each. In addition to what you see here, I will promote these posts on my own social media for several days after publication and include sponsorship information and contact at the bottom of the post. This is in no way an inclusive list, and I am happy to work with you in any way which works for both of us.

  • Snapshots ($125) - Snapshots posts are primarily photo based with a brief introduction to the photos. I usually include 5-10 high quality photos, and the photos are the centerpiece of the post. A Snapshots post could be about a whole town or a single building or event. The photos from this post would be available for use on your social media accounts, and can be licensed for use in your print media for an additional charge. See an example of a Snapshots post from Tybee Island HERE.

  • Iconic ($200) - Iconic posts are longer posts which include several paragraphs and 10-25 photos. In order to create this post, we would need to sit down and brainstorm about those things which make your town iconic and special. What would people who live there recognize instantly if they saw a photo? What would make people who grew up there nostalgic and want to come home? With a list in hand, I will spend the day trying to capture these places in their best light and write up a post to go along with them. Again, photos will be available for your use on social media, and can be licensed for your print media for an additional charge. See an example of an Iconic post from Columbus, Georgia HERE.

  • In Depth ($250) - In depth posts are a much deeper look at your region or town. These are significantly longer and take time to research and produce. These posts usually take at least two full days to create. Again, you will have access to the photos for social media purposes, but would need to pay a licensing fee to use them in print publications. See an example of an In Depth post from Athens County, Ohio HERE.

  • Sponsorships ($50-100) - Think of this as simply running an ad on a post I have produced in your area (or elsewhere). You can give me the information you would like to include or I can create the ad for you. The ad will run for as long as the post is online. See an ad run by Up The Keys Eco-tours at the bottom of a post HERE.

  • Podcast Sponsorships ($250) - My podcast comes out once a month and usually covers half of the entire state where I am traveling. It is available on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay and most major podcasting apps. Your ad will be no less than 30 seconds and will run with the podcast as long as it is available online.

Activity Providers

  • Want me to promote your activity on my blog and social media accounts? If you offer me a complimentary tour, I will write up my experience and publish it on my blog. Please be aware that all opinions will be my own, however if I think your activity deserves criticism, I will sit down with you and discuss this on completion of the activity. See a sponsored activity from Savannah For Morons HERE.

Individual Photos for Personal (Non-Commercial) Use

  • I am always happy to offer my photos to individuals and fans of my photography for your personal, in-home use. If you would like me to send you a high-resolution copy of any of the photos you see on this site, please contact me at the link below. I offer these files for personal use for only $25/photo.

Featured in Grand American Adventures Tour Company brochure

Featured in Grand American Adventures Tour Company brochure

Featured in Trek American Tour Company brochure

Featured in Ohio’s 2019 State Tourism Brochure

Published in the book  This Must Be The Place - An Architectural History of Popular Music Performance Venues  by Robert Kronenburg

Published in the book This Must Be The Place - An Architectural History of Popular Music Performance Venues by Robert Kronenburg

Published in a featured blog post by the Athens, Ohio Visitor’s Bureau, link to the post  HERE

Published in a featured blog post by the Athens, Ohio Visitor’s Bureau, link to the post HERE

Featured on Visit Florida’s official Instagram page

Featured on Visit Columbus, Georgia’s official Instagram page

Featured in the Baton Rouge Dig, Link to Article HERE

Featured on Visit St. Francisville’s Official Instagram Page

Featured on Visit Monroe/West Monroe’s Official Instagram Page

Featured in Orange County Magazine, April 24, 2017. Link to the article HERE.